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Amethyst Pyramid Energy Generator

Amethyst Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator for Peace, Harmony and Psychic abilities.
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Amethyst Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator
Material: Amethyst 

Size: 9 cm X 9 cm X 3 cm

Energy generators works through energy amplifying property of Pyramid. Centre Pyramid amplifies energies of wands attached to it. Amplified energy of the wands attached easily influences energy of people around it and energy of the space around it.

This stone is extremely good protective stone, it calms mind, generate loving emotions, helps with meditation and creates energy for spiritual progress. It also develops psychic abilities. It has many health benefits too. It boosts immunity, balances hormone production in endocrine gland and helps with insomnia.

It should be placed in place for meditation, it deepens meditation and give psychic ability. It can be placed in bed room too to help with sleep.