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Green Aventurine Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator

Green Aventurine Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator for Luck, Opportunity, Abundance and Love.
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Green Aventurine Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator
Natural Green Aventurine
Size: 9 cm X 9 cm X 3 cm

Energy generators works through energy amplifying property of Pyramid. Centre Pyramid amplifies energies of wands attached to it. Amplified energy of the wands attached easily influences energy of people around it and energy of the space around it.

Green Aventurine stone is considered to be the luckiest stone. It lets you work harder, take proactive decisions and create better situation for one self. It makes you optimistic, proactive and enthusiastic; it also gives opportunities to progress, make you present at right place at right time. It attracts abundance and prosperity.

If you have a bedroom in South East corner of the house then it should be placed on a table in the room to bring more calmness and tranquillity. Placed on heart it opens heart chakra, opens heart to give and receive love and good for heart in general.