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Best 5 Vastu products for your health, office, and home

Best 5 Vastu products for your health, office, and home

Products that are thought to have a beneficial impact on the principles of vastu Shastra are referred to as vastu products, sometimes known as Vastu products. An ancient Indian architectural science called vastu Shastra focuses on establishing balance and harmony in homes and workplaces. It is believed that one can increase the flow of positive energy and create prosperity and well-being by following specific principles.

Numerous vastu products on the market make the promise to encourage harmony and positive energy in a room. Among the well-known instances are

Pyramids: It's thought that things with a pyramids can enhance one's energy. They are frequently employed to address energy imbalances in a space or a building.

Yantras: Yantras are geometric symbols or diagrams used in meditation to increase positive energy. Numerous yantras are connected to different facets of life, including protection, health, and wealth.

Crystals: It is thought that crystals can be used to balance the energy in a room and have healing qualities. In vastu, certain crystals are frequently used to draw positive energy, such as amethyst or clear quartz.

Feng Shui items: Some Feng Shui products are used in vastu practices, though they are not strictly vastu. vastu Shastra and the Chinese system of Feng Shui are somewhat similar. It is said that things that bring harmony and good vibes include wind chimes, mirrors, and lucky charms.

Items made of brass or copper: vastu believes that these materials have positive energy and are frequently used as decorative accents. vastu frequently uses objects fashioned of these metals, such as lamps, statues, and bells.

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Brass Maha Vastu Yantra

Brass 9 Inches X 9 Inches Maha Vastu Plate with Removable Pyramids.

The use of a Maha Vastu Yantra made of brass, with high precision based on ancient Indian Vaastu texts, suggests that it is crafted with care and adherence to traditional principles. Brass is a commonly used metal in Vaastu, believed to possess positive energy and conductivity.

The claim that the Maha Vastu Yantra harmonizes energies within a 100-meter radius indicates that it is intended to have a significant impact on the surrounding space. It suggests that the Yantra is designed to create a positive energetic environment and counterbalance the negative effects of Vaastu defects such as incorrect placement of toilets or kitchens, missing corners, and other issues.

The purpose of the Maha Vastu Yantra, as described, is to fill the space with positive and creative energies, making it vibrant and lively. This aligns with the general aim of Vaastu Shastra, which is to create harmony and balance in living and working environments.

As with any Vaastu product, it's important to note that the effectiveness and impact of the Maha Vastu Yantra may vary from person to person and depend on individual beliefs and practices. It's advisable to consult with a qualified Vaastu expert or the provider of the Yantra for specific guidance on its usage, placement, and activation to maximize its potential benefits.

Brass Ashtalaxmi Shri Yantra Chowki

Material: Brass
Size: 5.5 inches X 5.5 inches
Weight: 1200 gms

The Brass Ashtalaxmi Shri Yantra Chowki combines the Ashtalaxmi Yantra with the central Shri Yantra. The Ashtalaxmi Yantra represents the eight forms of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, each associated with specific blessings and attributes. The eight forms of Lakshmi are believed to bestow wealth, knowledge, patience, wisdom, progeny, courage, vehicles, and food.

The central Shri Yantra is a sacred geometric diagram representing the divine energy of the goddess Tripura Sundari, who is considered a form of Lakshmi. The Shri Yantra is believed to be a powerful symbol of abundance, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment.

By combining the Ashtalaxmi Yantra and the Shri Yantra, the Brass Ashtalaxmi Shri Yantra Chowki is considered a potent and auspicious Yantra for attracting blessings and positive energies related to wealth, knowledge, patience, wisdom, progeny, courage, vehicles, and food. It is believed to bring overall prosperity, well-being, and abundance into the lives of those who possess it.

The Brass Ashtalaxmi Shri Yantra Chowki is often considered an important spiritual and decorative item to have in a home or place of worship, and it is believed that by worshiping and meditating upon this Yantra, one can seek the blessings of the various forms of Lakshmi and invite their positive energies into one's life.

As with any Yantra or sacred item, the significance and practices associated with the Brass Ashtalaxmi Shri Yantra Chowki may vary among individuals and specific cultural traditions. If you are interested in obtaining or using this Yantra, it's advisable to consult with a trusted source or a knowledgeable practitioner who can provide guidance on its proper usage, rituals, and maintenance.

Three Layer Pyramid Set of 91 Pyramids

Material: Copper
Size: 4.5 cms X 5 cms
Weight: 300 Gms

The 3-layer Vastu Pyramid you mentioned consists of a total of 91 pyramids. The lower layer contains 81 pyramids, the middle layer contains 9 pyramids, and all of these are enclosed within the top pyramid, making a total of 91 pyramids in the set.

The purpose of the 3-layer Vaastu Pyramid is believed to be the enhancement of positive cosmic energy and the removal of negative energy in a space. It is considered a powerful tool for improving luck and inviting prosperity into one's life.

Pyramids have long been associated with mystical and energetic properties. In the context of Vaastu or Vastu Shastra, it is believed that pyramid shapes can help correct energy imbalances in a building or specific area. The specific design and arrangement of pyramids in the 3-layer Vaastu Pyramid set are intended to amplify these energetic effects.

The positive cosmic energy generated by the pyramid set is thought to promote a harmonious and balanced environment, which, in turn, can have beneficial effects on various aspects of life, including luck and prosperity.

It's important to note that the effectiveness and impact of the 3-layer Vaastu Pyramid may vary among individuals and depend on personal beliefs and practices. While some people may find value and benefits in using pyramid sets like these, others may not attribute any significance to them.

Shri Navgrah Pyramid Yantra

Material: Brass
Size: 9 cms
Weight: 500 gms

The Navgrah Pyramid Yantra is a yantra that incorporates nine pyramids, each associated with a specific planet. The purpose of this yantra is to bring about all-around development and balance by harnessing the energies of the planets.

In Vedic astrology, the Navgrah (Nine Planets) are believed to have a significant influence on various aspects of life. The placement and alignment of these planets in one's birth chart can affect different areas, including health, wealth, relationships, and career. It is believed that the malefic effects of badly placed planets can be neutralized, while the positive effects of favorably placed planets can be enhanced through the use of specific yantras and associated energies.

The Navgrah Pyramid Yantra incorporates pyramids of different colors, each corresponding to a particular planet. These colors are believed to attract and channel the energies associated with each planet. By installing this yantra in your home or office, you are essentially creating a focal point for harnessing and balancing the planetary energies.

The provided worship methods and mantras associated with each planet are intended to be used in conjunction with the Navgrah Pyramid Yantra. Following the instructions for worship and installing the yantra in the east side of your home or office are suggested practices to derive the maximum benefit from this yantra.

Shri Navgrah Shakti Yantra

Material: Brass
Size: 4 Inches
Weight: 500 gms

The Navgrah Shakti Yantra you mentioned is a yantra designed to bring about all-around development when installed in a home or office. Its purpose is to neutralize the malefic effects of badly placed planets and enhance the positive effects of favorably placed planets.

The Navgrah Shakti Yantra is accompanied by worship methods and mantras for each planet. These practices are intended to be followed in order to derive the maximum benefit from the yantra. By performing the recommended worship and installing the yantra in the east side of your home or office, it is believed that you can tap into the energies associated with the planets and harmonize their influence in your life.

The source or tradition from which the Navgrah Shakti Yantra is obtained may determine the exact guidelines for worship and installation. It is crucial to adhere to the advice given by a reliable source or yantra practitioner who is experienced in these practices.


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