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parad vishnu Padam

Parad Vishnu Padam : Pure Parad (Mercury) Parad Vishnu Padam

100% Original Parad Vishnu Padam, Vishnu Padam as found in Vishnupad Temple in Gaya, blesses the person with peace, health, harmony and prosperity.
parad hanuman idol

Parad Hanuman Statue : Pure Parad (Mercury) Parad Hanuman Statue

100% Original Parad Hanuman Statue.
parad  Saibaba idol

Parad Saibaba Statue : Pure Parad (Mercury) Parad Saibaba Idol

100% Original Parad Saibaba Statue.
Parad Shiva Idol

Parad Shiva Statue : Pure Parad (Mercury) Shiva Idol

100% Original Parad Shiva Statue.
Parad Durga Statue

Parad Durga Statue : Pure Parad (Mercury)Durga Idol

100% Original Parad Goddess Durga Statue, keep the goddess Idol in your Puja Room and worship for Intellect, Bravery and Power
Parad Sri Yantra

Parad Sri Yantra : Pure Parad (Mercury) Shri Yantra

100% Original Parad Sri Yantra for good fortune, wealth and health made from pure mercury.