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Gold Plated Shri Yantra

Sri Yantra : Gold Plated

Sri Yantra is one of the most powerful Yantra. It has many benefits. It is a source of pure Energy. It is said to be blessed by all gods and goddess, so it helps in removing obstacles from all sides. It helps in fulling all desires, bless with wealth, health and happiness.
Baglamukhi Yantra

Sri Baglamukhi Yantra : Gold Plated

Sri Baglamukhi yantra is one of the most powerful Yantra. It is the Yantra for victory over enemies, success in lawsuits, victory in competition.
Jupiter Yantra

Guru Yantra : Gold Plated

Guru yantra is for Jupiter or Brihaspati Planet . Since Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, academics and general prosperity this Yantra helps in these areas of life.
Shri Durga Yantra

Durga Yantra : Gold Plated

Durga yantra helps in overcoming difficulties, getting victory over enemies, removes negative energies and brings positivity in life.
Shri Ketu Yantra

Shri Ketu Yantra : Gold Plated

Shri Ketu yantra is used when Ketu in benefic or partially benefic in a Horoscope. It increases good effect of Ketu.
Sri Rahu Yantra

Shri Rahu Yantra : Gold Plated

Shri Rahu yantra prevents accidents, wrong diagnosis of disease, give longevity of life. It also helps with foreign affairs like import export business.